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Keats-Hating Students

On a venting thread, a nonny shares their frustration with the... rather unique interpretation her literature class has of poet John Keats' life.

 "Yes, he totally let his mother and brother die of tuberculosis! Because he could have saved them, you see, since he had physician's training. Tuberculosis: totally curable in the early nineteenth century! If only Keats had exerted himself. Just finished one paper that suggested that Keats let his brother die because his brother probably wrote better poetry than he did and Keats was jealous. What?

 Then there are the ones who are convinced that he was a "raging alcoholic" because he talks about wine in "Ode to a Nightingale," and the ones who think that he went around seducing random women because of the knight and the fairy lady in "La Belle Dame Sans Merci.""

 Meme shared in nonny's confusion, and the memory of the students' Keats hateboner lived on.

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