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Note: this is a backup of this wikia page, first archived here on Aug 7 2017.

"I'm saying this as someone they used to publicly flatter for position. Very political, very crafty, that one." - Nonny January 17, 2016


This article does not intend to abuse, harass, threaten or intimidate Peyton. It is a list of awful and questionable things they have done in public online. It is not obscene, pornographic, or abusive [see above]. Any mention of offensive, profane, or bigoted content is linked to things that Peyton has said, again, publicly. This wiki page does not intend to impersonate them. None of the content presented here is illegal. It is not soliciting for passwords/personal information, spamming the page with advertisements, etc. Reporting this page is false flagging and vandalism.

Note: This article will not deadname or misgender Peyton, but some of the links are old and thus, by their nature, may deadname or misgender them. Also, everything in this article is fact-checked and presented with as much accuracy as possible. Anything that did not seem like it was relevant and accurate was not included.

Beachdeath is the current username of a tumblr BNF known as Peyton. In the past half-decade, they have been known alternately as scenicroutes, reyton, teenagevictorysong, bethandbee, underwooding, and, most commonly, lalondes. Peyton is good friends with graceebooks and has been for many years. At least nine fandoms have been subject to Peyton's harassment, cult-like group of followers, and bizarre meta backed up by questionable queer theory.

Peyton's inner circle is renowned for being incredibly cliquey. They and their inner circle even run a blog called 'The Niche,' a circle-jerk of in-jokes between its seven contributors and some of their close friends. Their clique also runs a bizarre blog called OneTrueDynamic in which they attempt to match various pairings to
strict archetypes based on Sherlock Holmes. Choice tidbits of this have been immortalized by onetruedynamic nonny here, here, and here.

One of Peyton's most defining fandom activities is dragging queer politics and queer theory into everything. By their own description, their blog is "lgbt and feminist politics with a healthy dose of obscure personal interests and socializing." From their perspective, they are never in the wrong. They extensively use social justice terminology to win arguments in fandom - in particular, they are notable for exploding Les Miserables fandom by claiming Enjolras/Eponine was "queer erasure" and harassing every shipper in sight.

Like many social justice wankers in fandom, they are not as progressive as they think they are and mostly use social justice language when it's convenient to gain social capital. Notably, they once unfavorably compared historical fiction about AIDS to the AIDS-exploitative South Park fic "The Rectum is a Tomb." They also have a habit of hyperfocusing on top/bottom dynamics even once using a seminal essay about gay life
under the spectre of AIDS to argue why Dennis from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia would be a bottom.The fact that both "The Rectum is a Tomb" and "The Rectum is a Grave" are very racist and sexist seems to be entirely lost on them.

Peyton is also notable for their succession of harassment campaigns and for getting away with this behavior in fandom after fandom. As stated before, Peyton was heavily involved in turning Les Miz fandom into a very toxic environment. Much like Gracee, they have a lot of
social capital and often attack others using an expectation that their anons will do the dirty work for them. After a disagreement over trans issues in the Dangan Ropa fandom, anonymous fans of Peyton harassed the people who disagreed with them using death and rape threats. Peyton sanctioned the actions at 221b con saying that doxxing of the panel was justified. When the Star Wars EU was erased, they took the side of anti-Mara Jade individuals and mocked fans who wished she wasn't erased. After entering It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fandom, they harassed one person out of the small fandom for criticizing fandom trends and another person out of the fandom for accusations of writing incest - even though they weren't. Peyton scolded teenagers in South Park fandom for shipping Kyman on the grounds that they were romanticizing abuse. There is vague record of bad behavior taking place in Glee, Homestuck, and Book of Mormon fandoms. However, the final three all occurred five or more years ago. Difficulty in finding old primary sources, uncertainty about the reliability of gossip discussed years after the fact, and ethics surrounding Peyton's age at the time are prohibitive of deeper discussions about their actions in these fandoms.

In 2013, Peyton broke up with their girlfriend, yosb. Post breakup, yosb was subjected to terrible harassment at the hands of Peyton, Graceebooks, and their friends. Par for the course, Graceebooks even implied that things would get bad for yosb legally if they did not take certain posts down from
their personal blog. Graceebooks was commonly Peyton's attack dog in the past.

Like many wankers, Peyton is a total hypocrite. They scold others for romanticizing abuse and unhealthy relationships where characters rape each other, and then romanticize an abusive, unhealthy relationship where one of the characters (Dennis) has sexually assaulted the other (Mac) and is a serial rapist. Despite all evidence to the contrary, they claim that he is not a rapist at all. They also rationalize his rapist behavior in fic. When someone confronted them about this on tumblr, they accused the person of baseless accusations and harassing a survivor.

Peyton will excuse their past homophobic actions away as 'not knowing any better' while still perpetrating harmful ideas about gay men, and disrespecting the legacy of their art. Despite supporting the doxxing of a CSA survivor at 221B con, they continue to excuse away Dennis Reynolds' predatory behavior as a result of his CSA as well as woobify his CSA on tumblr and in fic over and over again.

In April 2017, Peyton insisted over and over that there were no reputable reports of Chechen concentration camps for gay men, only "tabloid" reports. When digoxin-purpurea smacked Peyton down, Peyton’s response was a shitshow of hair-splitting, of bragging about their academic credentials and unearthing dioxin-purpurea's locked political RPF and using it to discredit her. And when thepopculturejunky gave Peyton the benefit of the doubt that they weren’t a bully , Peyton whined about how d-p attacked them “out of nowhere” and therefore they had a right to wax anti about their fanfic.

(More about that whole thing here. Also note that Peyton did post something about the Chechnya persecutions on May 31, but does not appear to have ever walked back what they had said in April.)

Peyton is a serial deleter of this wiki page. They deleted it twice on 7/15/17, and it was reported it for violation of terms of service on 8/4/17.


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