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Hamilton Wank

Hamilton Wank

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a scene from Hamilton
The great popularity of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical Hamilton, in which many white figures from U.S. history are played by actors of color, was probably an inevitable wank generator on meme given how much nonnies like to talk about history and argue about social justice.

The first notable Hamilton wank happened in an Oct. 24, 2015 thread about which current fandom was most annoying. One of several former Les Misérables nonnies said they couldn't get into Hamilton because “the American Revolution is such piddly small fries in comparison with the French one!”

This led to an in-depth discussion that touched upon French Revolution fandom (which apparently woobifies Camille Desmoulins) and Eurocentrism before settling into an argument about which revolution was more important in history. That argument produced this absolute gem:

The French Revolution, the big one, led directly into the independence of South America, for example. A lot of the absolutism in the 19th century was a reaction to it as well. The American one and the Soviet one would not have happened if it wasn't for the 1789, probably.

It was pointed out numerous times to this nonny that the American Revolution happened in 1776 (okay, okay, OAA, it was 1775), while the French one happened in 1789.

Round 2 of Hamilton wank was on Nov. 6. OP claimed that the musical made them

uncomfortable. I haven't listened to the soundtrack or anything cause I don't like rap, but the idea of a bunch of epople cheering on this patriotic revolutionary MURICA story just smacks of some intense jingoism and nationalism. Which isn't pretty no matter which country it comes from, but is especially odious coming from Americans. Like, to be frank, I don't see what the big deal about the American "revolution" was. It wasn't about FREEDOM or anything (if it were, then there would have been no slaves and women would have been granted some basic rights). It was cause some rich (white) guys didn't like owing taxes across the ocean. Woo hoo such ideals much wow.

Cue 224 comments, many calling troll.