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Count von Count-Elmo Slash


“TheRe: Write some squicky porn!
2011-09-18 12:48 am (UTC)


"You want Elmo to do what?" Elmo scratched his head, confused.


"I want you to make me feel wery, wery good. Ah, ah, ah." The Count looked Elmo straight in the eye. "I want you to stroke me, and I will count the times you stroke me. Ready? Ah, ah, ah."


"Elmo not know what that means."


"Okay. First I take off my clothes." The Count removed his cape. "One piece of clothing! One! Ah, ah, ah." He tossed it aside seductively, then took off his shirt. "Two pieces of clothing! Two!"


"Ooh! Elmo can help with this!" Elmo unbuttoned the Count's pants and helped him step out of them. "This is three, right?"


"Yes! Three pieces of clothing! Now just my underpants!" The Count pulled them down. "Four pieces of clothing! Ah, ah, ah!" Lightning struck.


"Now what Elmo supposed to do?" Elmo said.


"I have changed my mind. I will put this in you and count the strokes," the Count said, gesturing to his erection.


"Where you going to put it?" asked Elmo.


"Just bend over," said the Count. Elmo obeyed, and the Count began to slide inside Elmo's rear end.


"It feels funny," Elmo said.


"It will feel wery good soon. Okay!" The Count began to move. "One! One stroke! Two! Two strokes!"

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