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You seek Trolltopia, grasshopper. That mythical unmoderated anon-land which is still, by magic, full to the brim with earnest people ripe for your every trolling whim. 


Some have said that it lies atop the Big Rock Candy Mountain. Others insist it sank with Atlantis. 


But the truth is that Trolltopia can exist only if you create it, carving it out of pure will and large swaths of bandwidth, finding the Mod within yourself. For only there, in your own Modhood, will you discover the ability to maintain that perfect space in which you, and you alone, may be a glorious asshole to all and sundry, yet remain unhindered by the vulgar noise of other trolls. 


Few ever choose this enlightened path, grasshopper. It is a lot of fucking work.


— December 4, 2014

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