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Due to SOMEONE reporting the FFA wiki to its hosts because apparently the truth is too much to handle, this blog has been set up to archive what cached versions we can.

FFA Wiki will not die, you ignorant fucktrucks. Please feel free to send people here until the official wiki sitch is fixed.


Note: this is a backup of this wikia page, first archived here on Aug 7 2017.

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Car Bonnet Blowjob Art

Sep. 3, 2016: In the Tagging thread, a nonny wrote:
So I chain a guy to the car bonnet and then the car drive off. The other guy climb out and fellats guy on the bonnet while they speeding down the motorway to calm him down cos he terrified and screaming and stuff. Then some spun hits the traffic cop chasing at high speed who go spiral off into the ditch and is not hurt too bad. And he was aroused by what he had seen and quit to be in some porn. He wrote the internet fiction, and this you have just read. The end
Another replied:
I'm a very visual person and I was having trouble imagining this story. So I attempted an artistic representation in order to have a clearer image in my mind:
Car Bonnet Blowjob Art