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Cheque Wank

Cheque Wank, which happened in early May 2014, was some of the most spectacular (and spectacularly stupid) countrywank meme has ever seen. It began when, In the common thread "Ask Meme," one nonny wrote,


My country cannot be the only one in the world that literally doesn't use cheques of any kind anymore, right? Regular cheques have been dead for 15-20 years, and in the past decade even traveller's cheques have become obsolete. Dead & obsolete as in banks don't issue or cash them. How is it it your countries, nonnies? US nonnies need not reply. [emphasis added]


A U.S. nonny quoted that bolded part and pissily replied "Nice," and the party got started. Things were not helped when another (?) U.S. nonny chimed in with their thoughts on online checking, prefaced by "US nonny who doesn't give a shit if you want to hear this or not." One reply: "And then you guys wonder why the rest of the world doesn't like you."


As if all the preceding wank weren't already clogging up flatmeme enough, someone took it to the next page:


Question to american nonnies


Do you really feel excluded and hurt because one nonnie specified not wanting to hear from americans on one topic? Is this really a problem for you? I DONĀ“T GET IT.


That thread was frozen. Downpage, the first response to a thread titled "Fandoms/people/powers that be who need to calm the fuck down?" was,


This is so gonna get frozen but my immediate first thought was "American", lol.


/is American