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Kinsey "Genderbitch" Hope is a trans blogger best known for her post "Intent: It's Fucking Magic!", which is quoted far and wide in Sj discussions.

Other things that GB has said or done are less well known:

  • She has claimed that "non-incest privilege" exists; i.e., that if you aren't sexually attracted to your relatives, you enjoy a form of privilege. (This post has been deleted.)
  • After admitting to having driven drunk in a post that she seems to have later taken down, she got an angry messagetelling her, "You don't drive home after drinking. period. you crash on the fucking floor if you have to." GB ranted about the "privilege of having a place to crash after drinks," and said to a sympathetic correspondent that the other person was "playing gotcha." Here's another post in which she made her dangerous escapade all about her and her feelings.
  • She has defended necrophilia on condition that the necrophiliac get permission from the other person before the latter dies. When someone messaged her stating that people with necrophilia have serious problems, GB demanded"proof" of such problems.
  • She has posted graphic torture fantasies about people with whom she was arguing at the time. (Gentlefailerdiscussions.)

All this (well, minus the torture fantasies, which happened later) led to GB being called out in an inclusive_geeks post as an example of an SJW with an undeserved loyal following. (GB "rebutted" the post by claiming that "necrophilia and incest [are] a lot more complex then they’re pretending...Oh well, I guess nuances and actual thought are beyond that so called geek on LJ. As well as actual fact checking.")

Gentlefailers discussed the inclusive_geeks post. Note that the question she got about necrophilia was part of a trolling campaign by sfd_a, which also persuaded GB that the phrase "fuck you" expressed a rape wish and got her to start saying "unfuck you." The question about incest was likely also from the same campaign.

GB has also claimed that the words "homophobia" and "transphobia" are "ableist" against people with clinical phobias.Gentlefailer discussion.

(Anonymous) 2016-08-29 10:46 pm (UTC)(link)
She's finally deleted a bunch of those posts, so I'm combing through receipt blogs and archives for remaining evidence. Imgur album with receipts:

I'll work on editing these into the real wiki too for when we get it back up, since I have access.

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I have seen her apologize for the non-incest privilege (I found it on the babyzoloft tumblr).