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White Women's Tears


White Women's Tears


The term comes from a poem called "Those Tears".  It's meant to mean when white women who are accused of racism use their tears and emotions as an argument.  However, it's been distorted into meaning "I called you racist and you didn't admit that I'm right" or something along those lines.  It can be persuasively argued that the term uses the sexist stereotype of women being emotional and of women using their emotions to manipulate men into defending them, even though many men accused of racism will often use the same derailing method, and that it encourages a focus on white women as the Real Oppressors.


A particularly rancid example came in the wake of Laci Green getting misogynist death threats from SJWs on Tumblr. In theontd_political post, poetic_pixie_13 — after having ranted about how a light-skinned girl of partly Iranian heritage has "no right" to say mean things about Islam because she was never raised Muslim — added"About Islamophobia and racism and during the fallout our voices being invalidated because we made the white girl cry."


To quote a Gentlefailer, "Except 'you' did not 'make the white girl cry'. You fucking terrorized her."


And pope_hippo wrote in the same ontd_p post:

What's that? 
That rushing sound off in the distance? 
Why it's! 
The sound of white women tears cascading down the mountainside.


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