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Racist Transphobic Muppet Wank

A Tumblr post from someone who found the 2011 Muppet movie racist, and who thinks all white rap is racist, found its way to our door. This produced accusations of "appropriating rage," the assertion that white people in hip-hop-style clothing "are deliberately coding themselves as black," some appropriation wank, and the claim that black people love Eminem. Also, one nonny said they were "pissed off by the transphobia and gender policing via Poogy/Piggy."


Someone who actually saw the movie gave their analysis; i.e., that the movie has some issues with stereotyping but is hardly Birth of a Nation.


Things had wound down when someone linked to another Tumblr post asserting that the villain's henchmen, Uncle Deadly and Bobo, are "coded PoC." In that thread was also the revelation that Nathan Fisher, the Tumblr blogger who provoked this wank, is actually white.


This wank inspired an adorable little troll, as well as some filk.