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Asexual Tony Stark Wank

Asexual Tony Stark

July 31, 2012: A nonny who had “randomly popped in on avengerkink” that day was taken aback by this prompt.


OP wants an asexual!Tony (oh lol) 'outed' to the media and the team. Stupid issuefic stuff, etc, reeking of 'asexuals are misunderstood snowflakes, dontcha know'.


JFC, since when did this start happening? Have the Sherlock hipsters started pouring in recently or something? Is this now a thing in every MSF?


The FFA OP got baffled agreement until this comment:


Oh, man. How dare those hipsters get their sticky ace hands all over everything? How dare they prompt things they want to read? It's infuriating.


It's enough to make a person just not read kink memes anymore. The chances of reading a prompt I don't like are just too high.


They were reminded how OOC asexuality is for Tony Stark, and the comeback was that the same argument has been made against slash as well.


The highlight of the wank was an asexual!Tony/asexual!Loki fic written by a nonny who knew the canon only through fandom osmosis.