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Slut-Shaming Wank

 In December 2011, within the regularly scheduled "things you'd only say anon" thread, one Gentlefailer fumed:

Dear RL 'friend'. The only reason you've gone feminist anti-slut shamer is because it makes it a little easier for you to look in the mirror. And if you wonder why I stopped inviting you over to hang out and watch our show....has something to do with unzipping your top to the naval and sitting on my father's lap in front of me and my mom. I don't know if you were high or what. But slut is still a useful descriptor for what you are.


A few comments down, another nonny opined"While I don't think that person's behaviour was ok, calling her a slut and a skank and saying "she just tries to fuck anything with a penis" as if that was necessarily a bad thing is still sexist." The wank exploded from there.