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Shit Nonnies Say

 "For the record, again: The meme was not founded for SJW reasons. It was founded because I was over invested in an argument about slingbabies, and like to drink and LJ.”

— Ur-Sunny, Jun. 23, 2012


“Welcome to FFA. Where Nazi sex fantasies can get turned into sincere and earnest vaguely asexual statements in three comments or less.”
— Ur-Sunny, Nov. 26, 2014


If youre coming here for nonstop positive civility, just. Why are you doing that.

— Dec. 22, 2015


“Well we’ve reached the NO U event horizon and it only took what, an hour?”

— Jul. 31, 2015


“Congratulations. You’ve written the stupidest, most useless comment to ever be on meme. You are Lord Dumbshit, high on the throne of Dick Mountain. Not even the poop troll could usurp your title.”

— Jul. 29, 2015


Meme means never having to apologize for not getting the joke.

— Jan. 18, 2016


“At this point my only OTP is You/Shutting the Fuck Up.”

— Aug. 24, 2015


“This is literally the stupidest fucking comment Ive read today, and Ive been in the fandom venting thread already.”

— Sep. 10, 2015


Because it literally is only possible to misinterpret it that badly if you willfully decide to torture the metaphor to fucking death, skin it, and wear the shredded pieces as a girl suit while dancing around and touching yourself while a chick and a poodle scream in your cellar.

— Jan. 31, 2016


“Oh, please. Meme runs on hateboners and omega slick.”

— Feb. 17, 2015


“The wonderful thing about an anon-meme is that it doesn’t matter who you are in namespace. You can be the biggest BNF out there, or a little ole NNF, have the worst or most sparkling reputation, and it doesn’t make a bit of difference. We are all nonnies. We are all equal. And the only thing that matters about you is what you are saying right now, in this thread.”

— Apr. 24, 2015


“I mean, how many nonnies have said they came expecting FFA it be a hive of scum and villainy and then stayed when they found out...it was a hive of cum and villain wank instead!”
— Apr. 17, 2015


I like to think that my topping preferences are making a better world, like a Destiel epic in iambic pentameter.

— Jan. 26, 2016


“I just wanted the occasional asspat for pretentious navel-gazing, I never asked to be the fandom authority on sociological theory amidst a sea of unrelenting sexuality wank and overinvested fans of all stripes.”
— Apr. 26, 2012


Like the best orgy where nobody meets anyones eyes the next day, this was a group effort.

— Jan. 18, 2016


“All I can imagine when I think of the human embodiment of FFA is a lesbian tentacle monster constantly arguing with itself.”
— Aug. 30, 2014


“It may also be why the complaints about meme not being nice anymore started: they forget meme can be friendly, but we’re all anon. We’re not friends.”
— Jul. 2, 2014


“We’re a daisy chain of blowing other nonnies and making their engorged opinions feel important.”
— Oct. 30, 2014


“Half the people here haven’t had a conversation with a live person since 2006. The other half gets ass fucked in public. No wonder why we all can’t get along.”
— Oct. 2, 2014


- “Back here and in fandom after 6 months - what did I miss? Any huge drama? New rules? Imploding fests? What’s the hot new ATG fandom these days?”
- “Well there’s 
that thing, but we’re not allowed to talk about it.”
— Jun. 28, 2013


“To be honest, nonnie, whichever speed meme is travelling at is the speed of wank. (Nonnie's first law of ffa. Second law: If it exists, there will be wank about it. Third law: If there is wank, a nonnie will discuss it earnestly. Fourth law: If there are wanking nonnies and earnest nonnies, there will also be an unaffiliated nonnie posting from a fish-rich universe.)”
— Dec. 10, 2014


“Every time someone calls meme ‘earnest’, I become increasingly convinced that it is a euphemism for ‘pants-on-head stupid’.”
— May 28, 2015


“Doing fandom wrong is the best way of doing fandom.”
— May 30, 2015