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Yuletide filk

 Nonny, Oct. 6, 2014: "Anyone else singing 'Yuletide' to the music of 'Rawhide'?" Another nonny obliged:


Coalin' coalin' coalin' 

Though the seams are swollen

Keep them Morbanes coalin'



Porn, angst and tropefic

Don't write a nope fic

If they want fluff then no one dies


All the fics I'm writin'

My letter caused a fight in

Coal, so now I'm gonna hide


Beta them

(Write em up!)

Write em up

(Beta them!)

Beta them

Write em up yuuuuletiiiiiiiide

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Hey, RQ, could you add Yuletide - New Romantics Filk to this page, please? (big drawback of journaling platform for a wiki - only OP can edit a page)